Vote Yes on July 31 To Untie Metro Atlanta Traffic. Gwinnett”s Success Depends on It

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By Jim Maran

With just one penny invested in transportation, Gwinnett and metro Atlanta can be on its way to less traffic allowing more time at home and much needed jobs. Not convinced? Let”s consider the facts on what this investment means:# For every $1 billion invested in transportation, 44,000 new jobs are created. In addition to this, one penny can save metro Atlanta drivers an average of 127 hours that are spent traveling to and from work each year translating into more than three work weeks spent in traffic. One penny can also garner federal funding for transportation considering U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray La Hood”s comments at a recent meeting hosted by the Gwinnett Chamber.

At this meeting Secretary LaHood highlighted the need for local communities like Gwinnett to strategically invest in transportation initiatives to gain federal support. Upon hearing of metro Atlanta and Gwinnett”s regional transportation plans, Secretary La Hood praised Gwinnett officials for having their act together.

The answer is perfectly clear – we need a solution to reduce traffic congestion so that we can obtain vital federal funding for transportation, improve our quality of life and create much needed jobs. On July 31, 2012, Gwinnett County residents will join voters across metro Atlanta in voting on a regional transportation referendum that offers a solution.# If approved, the referendum will provide over $7 billion to fund 157 projects unanimously approved by a team of 21 city and county leaders around the region. Over 200,000 metro Atlanta residents participated in the process, and over 21,000 Gwinnett County taxpayers provided feedback.

Specifically, Gwinnett County will receive 15 percent of the funds raised within the county for a list of local projects. This local investment will provide $178 million over 10 years for local projects such as local intersection improvements, repaving, and sidewalks. Here are a few other important points to consider when voting for the referendum on July 31:

  • Gwinnett County”s additional 15 percent will bring almost $18 million each year over the next decade to invest in projects within the counties and cities;
  • The funds raised by Gwinnett”s 15 percent share can only be spent on transportation projects;
  • In addition to the estimated $133.6 million to be raised over 10 years for countywide transportation projects, each of Gwinnett”s cities will receive funds for their local transportation priorities;
  • The investment will sunset in 10 years or earlier if revenue projections are met ahead of schedule.

With your vote, Gwinnett and metro Atlanta can be on the way to less traffic, more jobs and a stronger economy. And more importantly, you can be on your way to your new client, growing your business and spending more time with your family. This is our one solution and our one opportunity to relieve metro Atlanta”s traffic problem. I urge you to vote yes on July 31 for the 2012 Regional Transportation Referendum. Gwinnett”s success depends on it. For more information on this viable solution and to see a list of Gwinnett County”s regional projects on the list, visit or

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