Walker Law Firm

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David Sinclair Walker, Jr. P.C.
Attorney at Law

David Walker has been senior partner at his firm and now in solo practice, many times being brought in as co-counsel with another attorney. He has spent his life developing his practice as a general attorney, a litigator and now a mediator.

He approaches each case with urgency and treats his clients with dignity as their case matters more than anything in both of their worlds. After over three decades of practice, returning and present clients as well as fellow attorneys share the opinion that if you know him, you like him. He was honored in 2004 as “Best Law Firm in Gwinnett.”#

What”s his motivation? It”s when he”s hired in the 11th hour, and is the client”s 5th attorney and he wins the case. It”s when his client is awarded custody of their children or when settlement is reached in a wrongful death case awarding the victim”s spouse and family an amount exceeding a lifetime of paychecks. It”s when he writes a will for a dying person or the night before trial after exhausting preparation and expectation, he sleeps.

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