Want to get those flat abs you”ve always wanted?

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We have the Social Diva-5 Moves to Flat Abs recommended by The American Boot Camp Company!

Social Diva – 5 Moves to Flat Abs

  • The best way to get a 6-pack is to combine several methods in your training.
  • Do these five activities in any order together, two times a day for the next 21 days to be on your way to flat abs.
  1. Ab bridge with the toes/shins on the stability ball (this creates instability and an additional challenge to the core). Take a stability ball about 55cm and place your elbows on the ground and your toes/shins on the ball. Hold this position for one minute. Make sure that your lower back does not arch downward. Prevent the arch by pulling your abdominal muscles in and squeezing your glutes.
  2. Decline flutter kicks (can be done on a hill with feet facing down hill, on a decline bench or on a stability ball for the ultimate challenge. Make sure to place the hands under the glutes/lower back to support the lower back from arching off the floor/ground. Legs go straight out in front and flutter up and down only about 6 inches from the ground. Tuck the chin to the chest to keep the lower back in the proper position.
  3. Slow decline bicycles holding each crunch/twist position for two seconds. Again, do these facing down hill or on a stability ball or bench. Bring the opposite shoulder/elbow to the opposite knee. So twist the right elbow to the left knee and hold for 2 seconds, then switch and twist the left elbow to the right knee and hold.
  4. Oblique crunches on the stability ball. Sitting in an upright position on the stability ball, walk the feet out so that the lower back is firmly placed into the stability ball. The feet should be shoulder width apart for beginners or knees together for more advanced. The movement is a lift of the shoulders into the crunch position engaging the abs and then a twist to the left engaging the obliques. Then repeat on the opposite side. For an extra challenge do 30 seconds on the left only then 30 seconds on the right only without alternating.
  5. Incline isometric crunches where the abdominals are crunched in a position about half way back from an upright full sit-up position and feet are held by a partner or are supported by feet holders on an incline bench or placed under a couch (again gravity aids in the activity). The idea is to start in the upright position and slowly let gravity pull you toward the floor. When you lower back hits the floor, but your shoulders are still in the air (you will feel like you are about to fall over), hold that position.

Source: The American Boot Camp Company