“We Don”t Just Treat Veteran Homelessness. We End It.”#

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Rodney Wolfe

That combination of passion and determination is what has elevated Rodney Wolfe to the position of Director of Clinical Services at Transition House, Inc.; one of the largest programs in the Southeast designed to end homelessness among those who have worn our nation”s uniform.# Transition House has been ending homelessness in the Atlanta area for over 25 years.# However, a few years ago the Department of Veterans Affairs asked Transition House to join with them in a partnership to help end Veteran homelessness in the Atlanta Metro area and the program has grown since.

“We currently house 78 formerly homeless men in various stages of life recovery,”# said Mr. Wolfe.# “My job is to supervise the six case managers who work intensely with our Veterans in rebuilding their lives; make sure we employ best practices at all times; and, ensure the Veterans” living environment is clean, safe and sober. A successful completion of our program means a job, a home and a sober life style for someone who, not too long before, lived on the streets. As a Veteran myself, our clients are very special to me and I love coming to work each morning to serve these individuals who once served us.”#

Mr. Wolfe”s success is built on over 15 years of experience working in substance abuse, case management, adult and juvenile offenders” services, anger management, HIV/AIDS, life skills and other social services issues. “Every day I try to live by the motto “each one teach one”; that touching one life at a time brings change. My mission in life has evolved into instilling in others the passion and rewards in serving others.”#