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A New Addition Teaches New Lessons

I have a temperamental, yet wonderful new thing in my life, my new pup, Tullah. She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix (for those dog enthusiasts) that my boyfriend and I adopted from a local rescue right before Thanksgiving. She has brought unending joy to our lives, as I hope that most pets do for most people.

The day before we adopted her, I talked with her then foster mom, Cheryl, about Tullah and if she was the right fit for our home. Cheryl was a character to say the least, we gibber-jabbered on the phone for at least two hours, about everything from Tullah”s crazy antics (which I would come to know quite well) to her passionate stance on spaying/neutering pets. It was a little bizarre!

The following day, we ended adopting Tullah and we were both very excited to introduce our furry addition to her new home. But it wasn”t long before we discovered Tullah”s personality corks –

The dog likes to take off. Dart as-fast-as-she-can for as-far-as-she-can. Understandably, somewhat, because she is a stray at heart, but when 17-pound tiny dog pulls my 4″11, 95-pound body down our apartment building”s three flights of stairs, we might have a problem. I can”t explain to you how much my dog loves the outdoors #” she evens does doughnuts if she thinks she gets to go out. She can”t get out the door fast enough, hopping like a bunny with her stubby legs because the lease is pulling her back opposite way. And, of course, doesn”t listen to me whatsoever when I say, “stop!”# My boyfriend, possibly, but me, no way! He is alpha dog to her.

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