We”re All Survivors

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Alaina, 2009

Heroes Project Update: Alaina Shapiro

Alaina Shapiro feels blessed in her life, blessed to be in remission and blessed to be cancer free for 13 years. We last talked with Alaina in 2009 as one of our Heroes. Since then she has had hurdles to cross, but her positive attitude and optimism has helped her make it through the challenging times.

She recalls, “In 2010, I discovered that my childhood cancer treatments have had long-lasting effects on my health. I am doing everything to remain healthy and taking medication to reduce the chances of severe damage to my major organs.”

Alaina, 2011

Unfortunately, in that same year, Alaina”s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Although, this has been difficult for their family, her mother”s strength and the support of the Gwinnett community has kept them strong. “My mother is my inspiration and proof that we all can be survivors. The support received from the Gwinnett community is unbelievable,” she said.

Through her challenges, Alaina still shares a message of hope: “Live every day to its fullest and realize that tomorrow is a new day. With each new day, you are given the opportunity to make it great.”

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