What About Me? HOPE Program Changes and Georgia”s Technical Colleges

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If recent changes to the HOPE Program have left you wondering “What about me?,”# you”ll find that help – and loads of information# — are just a click away.

The Technical College System of Georgia has launched a new website – loaded with information about the recent changes to the HOPE Program. The website is a great resource for current Georgia technical college students as well as future college students, of any age, and provides the latest facts about earning and keeping HOPE program benefits.

The site features profiles of six students in different academic situations – and answers the question of how the HOPE Program changes affect each of them. Visitors to the website can also access frequently asked questions about the HOPE Program and find additional information about other ways to get financial assistance for college, like the federal Pell Grant.# There are links to each of the 26 TCSG college websites and an online form to submit questions about HOPE directly to any of the technical college financial aid offices.

“The TCSG created this website to assist Georgians as they navigate their way through the HOPE program, which even with the recent changes is still one of the very best college financial aid programs in the country,”# said TCSG Commissioner Ron Jackson.# “For someone who”s enrolled at a TCSG college or is interested in attending one, getting and keeping HOPE means great cost savings on top of what”s already one of the most affordable college education values in the entire southeast.# It”s important that people understand exactly what”s needed qualify for the HOPE program, what it now pays for, and how to use it to complete their college education.”#

Visit to learn more about how the HOPE Program can help you pay for college.