What Do You Love About Practicing Law?

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“I enjoy counseling my lender clients and helping them mitigate their losses while at the same time helping borrowers remain in their homes.#That is a scenario where everybody wins!” -Glen D. Rubin, Rubin Lublin Suarez Serrano, LLC

“The practice of law is a great privilege that comes with great responsibility.#I passionately believe that it is only#individuals of integrity#who are dedicated to service of their clients and others that make law a profession.#I am honored to be in the group who can serve others and find it tremendously satisfying.” -John E. Hall, Jr., Esq., Hall Booth Smith & Slover, P.C.

“I thrive on crafting unique solutions for my clients that are both efficient and effective. Law can sometimes feel impersonal and detached – especially corporate and financial law – and I love illuminating complex situations, infusing them with personality and relevance and leveraging them for my clients” advantage.” -Daliah Brill, Daliah Brill P.C. Law Firm

“Our law firm”s mission is to provide aggressive, competent, and caring representation to personal injury victims.#Last November, we obtained a $9 million verdict for a woman who had been raped in her own home.#After the jury rendered its verdict, each of the jurors hugged our client before they left the courtroom.#Justice and Respect.#That”s why we love practicing law.” -Michael L. Neff, The Law Offices of Michael L. Neff, P.C.




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