What Happens When People Gather?

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by Frank Reddy

When we sit together, break bread, make a memory, tell a story, listen and share a laugh? What happens is this: ideas spread. Notions are tested. Thoughts weighed. Beliefs affirmed. Opinions endlessly voiced. And a sense of camaraderie furthered.

Read on for snippets, trends, tips and stats on the state of gathering in our society.

Web Conferences
Telecommuting has become more prevalent, letting us put our heads together in real time. It can make it easier to get an idea, and there”s less room for ambiguity.

Sporting Events
Watching sports with a friend or enjoying it with a whole stadium full of fellow fans creates a spirit of camaraderie that”s hard to replicate at home with the remote.

It”s one of the most formal and important gatherings one can be a part of, specifically if you”re the one tying the knot.

Church and Other Religious Gatherings
It”s fellowship. It”s praise and worship. It”s a peaceful place of respite for some and a place to spread love and joy for all.

Book Clubs
Reading is a solitary pleasure. Book clubs, though, are a chance to compare our feelings and share our take on the work, be it fiction or non.

Crowdfunding has made a name for itself over the past several years with websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, giving people the chance to pool their resources for a cause.

You can”t diminish the power that comes from getting a crowd of like-minded folks together-whether it”s a company-wide meeting or a political convention.

Galas are often held to serve a purpose like the commemoration of an event. A gala features entertainment and food, offering a sense of belonging for religious or social groups.

Many consider business retreats to be an investment in your business, helping leaders gain a certain perspective they lack in the daily grind.

Some roll their eyes when they think about going to reunions. Like it or hate it, a reunion is an excuse to get the old gang back together again.

Social Media
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ all offer users the opportunity to network and interact without having to physically gather. Social media is good for keeping touch and promoting business.

Family Dinner
It all starts at home. Gathering to talk about the day”s events encourages bonding and strengthens communication between family members. Make time for your family!

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