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Guys, it”s time to make your holiday wish list! Check out this selection of the latest and greatest in electronics and gadgets.

iPad Case with Bluetooth Keyboard
Turn your iPad into a netbook with this cool gadget. It”s a leather iPad case with a Bluetooth enabled keyboard. While it fits perfectly with the iPad, the keyboard is also compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G S and other devices that have Bluetooth capabilities.
$98.90 www.shop.brando.com

Casio EX-H20GCan”t remember where you took that awesome vacation photo? This cool camera by Casio can solve your problem. It is the world”s first Hybrid GPS enabled digital camera that can geotag your photos and videos, point out places of interest and sightseeing spots, and use GPS to display your current location.
$349.99 www.exilim.casio.com

PCYCH Mid-Frame Bike Bag
The PCYCH Mid-Frame bike bag is perfect for avid cyclists. The bag is like a saddle that attaches to the center of the bike. This will free the cyclist from carrying a backpack or using a bag that hangs over the wheels. The bags can hold water, cell phones, cameras or anything else a cyclist would need.
$99.99-$149.99 www.pcych.com

BodySof Automatic Shower Dispenser
This nifty invention makes showering more convenient and even quicker than before. After a quick pull on the lever, the BodySof automatic shower dispenser automatically adds body wash to your shower water so that you can lather and rinse at the same time.
$70 – $140 www.bodysof.com

PlayStation# Move
Enhance gaming capabilities on your PlayStation# 3 console with a PlayStation# Move Controller. By combining a motion sensing camera and the controller, game players can move around and actively participate in game play.
$99.99 (with game) – $399.99 (with game and PS3 consol). www.us.playstation.com

Portable Solar Charger
Far from home? Losing power in your phone or iPod? If you have the JuiceBar Portable Solar Charger you”ll have nothing to worry about. The pocket-sized universal battery comes with 12 connectors, hooks up to most electronic devices and can be recharged through a USB connection or the built-in solar panel.
$49.99 www.thinkgeek.com

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