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VirtualAssist_BusinessPagesCapitalizing on a new way of doing business. Revisiting a traditional livelihood. Understanding where to draw the line between company and personal interactions. Expanding a product line to coincide with seasonal interest. Learn what business trends are gaining ground in Gwinnett and beyond.

Virtual Assistants Gaining Popularity
Need help in the office, but don”t have the space for a new employee? Independent contractors known as Virtual Assistants – or VAs – provide remote administrative support as well as other specialized services to businesses, entrepreneurs and executives.

Touted as less expensive than hiring an in-house employee, virtual assistants typically work on a contract basis from their home offices. They are not typically subject to employee-related taxes, insurance or other benefits other than those included in outlined fees, helping the employer”s bottomline.

Family Farming

Family Farming

By shining light on the benefits of family farming, two worldwide organizations hope to make a global difference. Food Tank: the Food Think Tank and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization hope to provide family farmers the tools they need to nourish the world. They said small-scale farmers can contribute significantly to the transformation of agriculture by managing land and water responsibly, protecting water supplies, preserving and enhancing biodiversity and contributing to climate change adaptation and mitigation. For more, visit

FriendingtheBoss_BusinessPages“Friending” the Boss
Comfortable sharing status updates with the boss? According to an OfficeTeam survey, more than six in 10 people said they are uncomfortable being “friended” on Facebook by their bosses. The staffing service offered these tips:

  • Let your boss send the request.
  • See whether colleagues have other employees in their networks before asking to connect.
  • When in doubt, ask others if they want to connect before sending an invite.
  • Review your profile. Get rid of unprofessional stuff (this includes spring break photos and gaming updates).
  • You aren”t obligated to share social media updates with those in the office.

“Smells Like – Victory”
If your alma mater was a candle, what scent would it be? The Yankee Candle Company is taking a stab at that question with a line of collegiate candles featuring 23 universities. The University of Georgia”s scent? Black coconut. With a “burn time” of 150 hours, the company advertises the fragrance as “cedarwood and island blossoms – (promising) an evening of luxurious tranquility.” Well, why not? Visit to find out what your college smells like.

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