What”s the Mantra for 2011?

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From the Publisher

Is it gonna be more of the same? Are things gonna get better this year? Will the economy have a miraculous rebound? Who can know, but all indications are that it”s time to re-up your focus on perseverance and determination for what could be another challenging year.

My sense of the world right now is that folks are tired. It”s been a long run of pressure for employers and employees alike. Folks doubled up their efforts to work through tough times and hung onto the hope that easier times were just around the corner. I don”t know about you, but I haven”t talked to many who”ve seen – much less rounded – the proverbial corner of hard times to Easy Street. But alas, the new year is upon us.

A new year typically brings newfound optimism – a clean slate and the vantage point of looking ahead to the future instead of back on the past. Over the last year, I heard many business leaders evangelize about hanging on. “If we can just make through this next quarter, things will improve.”## “If we just work steady and be patient, good times will return and we”ll be ready.”## “If we just hold on to the end of the year, we”ll be in great shape.”#

That year has come to a close and now we”re once again facing the future.# I think we”d all like to breathe a sigh of relief and be in that position to say, “Wow, I”m glad that”s over.”# But I don”t think we would be facing reality. You”ve got to be real, keep your head on straight, and work hard and steady for a while longer. It”s the only way to get through tough times. Kind of like the old saying, “If you”re going through hell…keep going!”#

It”s not a time to wallow in misery. It”s not a time to throw in the towel. It”s a time to keep it all in perspective and double-up efforts. You may think things are bad, but they could still get worse. So above all, maybe it”s time to be more thankful. Most people we know aren”t looking for their next meal. We”re not living in times as bad as the Great Depression. We”re not too worried about Gwinnett County being invaded by enemy forces. All in all, we”ve still got it pretty good.

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