Yes, Gwinnett is a College Town!

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By Lisa Reeves

The Gwinnett College Landscape”#
In 2006, when Georgia Gwinnett College opened its doors to 118 students, Gwinnett County lost the distinction of being the largest county east of the Mississippi River## without a four-year college. Today, Georgia Gwinnett College serves more than 8,400 students, which added to the enrollment of Gwinnett Technical College (7,140 in spring 2012), the University of Georgia-Gwinnett campus (1,300), and numerous smaller satellite and specialty schools, brings the total post-secondary enrollment in Gwinnett County to over 20,000 students.

With more than 50 degree, diploma and certificate options that can be completed in two years or less, Gwinnett Technical College provides students with the education and specialized training that leads directly to a rewarding career. Programs range from computer science and business to automotive and culinary, plus a strong concentration in health sciences programs. Gwinnett Tech is one of the largest technical colleges in the state, serving Gwinnett and North Fulton counties. The college is also the county”s largest provider of corporate training programs, offering continuing education workshops and courses, and the adult education program.

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