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You say it”s your birthday!

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by April Cameron

So, you”ve had your kids for a while now and feel like you”ve got things pretty well under control. But the months are ticking by, and panic starts to set in…you”ve got to plan a birthday party!

Birthday parties for kids just aren”t what they used to be. I remember going to birthday parties where the main entertainment was a game of "pin the tail on the donkey" and some chips and dip. Do kids today even know what pin the tail on the donkey is?

My most recent birthday party experience left me feeling terribly inadequate as a parent as though I”d short-changed my child by holding her party at a local park with the main entertainment being the swing set. The most recent child”s birthday party I attended had a live, mobile petting zoo and pony rides. Pony rides right up and down the street in my neighborhood!

My little one”s next birthday is more than six months away, but let me tell you, I”m starting to plan now. If that kid had pony rides at her party, what can I possibly do to top that?

Over the Top Ideas
We all do it…keeping up with the Joneses, I mean. So what is out there in children party land to make sure your child”s is the most talked-about event of the year?

Country Livin”. Located in Buford, Rock Springs Farm is a full-service facility if your party is in a country state of mind. While the farm offers parties for kids of all ages (that means you, adults), it has some special events that children will love.

A special package for a minimum of 10 people includes a petting zoo, hayride, campfire for roasting marshmallows, pony rides, a fishing pond, volleyball, horseshoes and a sandbox…and that”s just for entertainment. They will also provide a hotdog lunch with drinks as well as props for pictures. A 1950 Ford truck, a 1952 farm tractor, the hay wagon and ponies are all available for photo props to commemorate your little one”s special day.

Make sure your guests are well informed of the atmosphere by sending cowboy-style invitations and encouraging them to wear their Western garb. Give out bandanas or cowboy hats upon arrival to make sure everyone is dressed appropriately, but more importantly, so that your photos turn out great!

Visit or call 770-932-9512 for more information.

Glamour Girls. This one is probably best suited for an all-girls fete, and apparently, it”s all the rage among our little darlings. Known as "glamour parties," children”s hair salons, like Circus Cuts in Duluth, are hosting birthday bashes that put shows like Extreme Makeover to shame. Well, they don”t really take it that far for the kiddies, but they do offer an afternoon of grown-up fun with hair styling, makeup application, manicures, pedicures and more.

At Circus Cuts, kids can choose the theme of their party and the stylists at the salon will fit their needs. For example, the princess party encourages the guests to dress in their best princess attire and after

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