Young Architects Traveling Exhibit Comes to the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center

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Imagine your child being the next great architect, following in the footsteps of Frank Lloyd Wright, Thomas Jefferson, Frank Gehry, I.M. Pei, or Zaha Hadid. In Young Architects: Designing the Future, this dream can come true!

The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center presents Young Architects: Designing the Future, an exhibit designed by the Children”s Museum of Cleveland and sponsored by the Gwinnet Environmental and Heritage Center Foundation.# In this exhibit, which highlights famous architects as inspiration and various block building media for hands-on interactive learning experiences, children (and adults) will become architects as they design for the future. The exhibit is on display now until January 19, 2013.

Young Architects is divided into three main areas – live, work and play – with each area highlighting one or more renowned architects accompanied by photographs of their iconic buildings. As children observe these various structures, they will be challenged to contemplate such questions as: Why does it look the way it does? What is it used for? What materials were used in its construction?

Included within the exhibit will be hundreds of assorted building blocks – wooden, plastic, foam, and more in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes – inspiring visitors to either attempt to replicate the amazing designs illustrated or to let their creativity soar as they design and build a structure that is uniquely their own.

Inspired by the building block experiences of your past, the GEHC will also display various buildings in the Atlanta area designed out of LEGOs, including a LEGO replica of the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center.

“As guests prepare to enter the exhibit, the GEHC staff thought it would be fun to let visitors see a different perspective on design creativity.# We are excited to partner with Mark Staffa, a local LEGO enthusiast, who has built such familiar replicas as the Westin Peachtree Plaza, the Georgia Dome and much more. The GEHC replica is amazing in its detail and contains more than 13,000 LEGO bricks,”# said Jason West, director of programming and development.

By participating in this open-ended, hands-on, creative, learning opportunity, children will become more meaningfully involved with the concepts of math and science, as well as experience the ways gravity, compression, and tension affect a building”s construction and stability.

“This exhibit is a great opportunity to expose young children to building properties, building media, and a possible career path for later in life,”# added West.

Admission to the newest traveling exhibit and the LEGO replica display is included in the price of admission to the Center.# GEHC members are admitted free. For more information about the Young Architects exhibit or the GEHC, visit www.gwinnettEHC.org.

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