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Gwinnett Magazines 2016 Guide to Gwinnett

All About Gwinnett!

Welcome to the Guide to Gwinnett! Where to go, who to call, what to do, great places to live, delicious places to eat and so much more. It’s all right here and online at the

Gwinnett County: Welcoming the World
Charlotte J. Nash, Chairman, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

Gwinnett Cities 101
Every one of our cities could easily be put on a best-of list when compared to cities outside of the county.

History of Gwinnett
The quick and easy lowdown on the history of Gwinnett.

Emergency Services
Keeping over 900,000 Gwinnettians safe within almost 437 square miles is no small matter and it takes no small number of public safety personnel to do it.

Churches, Causes & Support
Each year, thousands volunteer to help with projects ranging from staffing community events, to painting and repairing buildings, installing playground sets, and cleaning up nature trails as part of Gwinnett’s Great Days of Service.

Gwinnett County is known for its thriving business climate, fueled by strong governmental and private leadership, a skilled and growing workforce, and an outstanding school system and higher-education options.

Serving a growing population that is fast approaching one million people spread across 437 square miles, Gwinnett County government is an appropriately vast and complex operation.

Gwinnett’s courts consist of six jurisdictions, along with treatment courts and a newly established business court partnership.


Our Promise: A Quality and Effective Education for Every Student, Every Day
J. Alvin Wilbanks, CEO/Superintendent, Gwinnett County Public Schools

Education: College
The county is home to a full range of college options institutions offering degrees that range from associate to doctorate, and all the options in between.

Gwinnett residents have excellent access to the highest quality of medical care, starting with the county’s two major hospital systems Gwinnett Medical Center and Eastside Medical Center.

Hotels & Travel
With over 100 hotels in the county, there are 11,200 hotel rooms from which you can choose, state-of-the-art meeting facilities, restaurants featuring award-winning cuisine, along with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor attractions.

Gwinnett Parks
Gwinnett is fortunate enough to have nearly 50 parks scattered throughout the county equipped with family-friendly pastimes like walking trails, aquatic centers, skate parks, horseshoe pits, fishing holes, and sand volleyball just to name a few.

Points of Interest
Some area highlights and hidden gems that you shouldn’t miss.

Events & Festivals
Gwinnett cities and community organizations host a wide array of festivals, fairs, music and art shows, holiday celebrations and benefits throughout the year.

Professional Sports
We have professional baseball, hockey and lacrosse teams here the Gwinnett Braves, the Atlanta Gladiators and the Georgia Swarm all call Gwinnett home.

Performing Arts
If you enjoy the theatre, ballet or live music scenes, Gwinnett has a performing arts community ready to take the stage.

Visual Arts
There are dozens of great resources to learn visual art skills, and a number of galleries for public enjoyment of artworks.

Automotive & Transportation
No matter your means of travel or where you need to go, the transportation options available in Gwinnett can help get you there.

Communications, TV & Technology
Gwinnett has everything you need to make sure you keep in touch with the rest of the world.

Banking & Finance
Whether its a mortgage or a car loan, business banking or retirement planning, you can bet your bottom dollar Gwinnett has you covered with award winning banks, credit unions, financial advisors, accounting firms, and mortgage companies.

Splitting headaches, runny noses, wobbly knees, cavities and sweaty palms ain t got nothing on the healthcare providers of Gwinnett. We have a solution for whatever’s ailing ya.

There are full-range insurance agencies, as well as specialty insurance agencies available in Gwinnett.

When it comes to legal services, you want to know that what you’re getting is top-of-the-line. Whether its real estate law, family law, criminal law or business law, Gwinnett is your go-to county for all legal needs.

If you are new to Gwinnett County, setting up your utilities, electricity and waste removal is probably one of the first things on your to-do list.

Real Estate
Your home, whether it’s a condo or apartment with great amenities or an industrial property, Gwinnett has a full range of options.

Senior Living
Gwinnett is home to a board spectrum of senior living options.

Beauty & Spa
Take a load off, and treat yourself to all that Gwinnett has to offer you in the world of grooming, relaxation, beauty, and spas.

Gwinnett’s childcare services are sure to alleviate all of your worries with loving, nurturing childcare facilities.

Food & Drink
From locally owned restaurants showcasing comfort food, to well-known chain restaurants, Gwinnett’s food scene is sure to satisfy even the hungriest.

Home & Garden
Keeping things in check around the house can be a real challenge for sure. Help is on the way!

Pets & Animals
So whether you own a ferret, a fish, a snake, a cat or a dog, there’s always going to be a way to care for them in Gwinnett.

Whatever you’re shopping for can be found here! Find your next shopping adventure.

Sports, Recreation & Entertainment
For family fun, recreation ideas, entertainment options and more, start with our list of Gwinnett options.

Weddings & Events
Relax. You’re covered. You’ll find everything you need here to make sure your event sparkles.

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