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John Petrucci: The People’s King

John Petrucci is a senior at Collins Hill High School. Throughout his high school career, he has been very involved in engineering. Both inside and outside of school, John spends his time designing and building whatever he can. Under the guidance of his favorite engineering teacher, Mrs. Weingarth, John has gained valuable experience that he hopes to use to pursue an education and career in engineering. As a Boy Scouts troop leader, John spends his weekends camping and mentoring the younger members in his troop.

Although very active in his interests, John can sometimes be reserved and tends to keep to himself. However, earlier this year he decided to force himself out of his comfort zone by running for Homecoming King. What started as an inside joke between him and a few of his friends blossomed into an experience that John says he will never forget. When asked why he decided to run, John stated, “I wanted to challenge the traditional nominations for Homecoming court. I’m not an athlete or even super well known. I’m just John.”

This idea is what inspired his campaign slogan, “A vote for John is a vote for John.” His campaign earned him a spot on the court, and although he didn’t win the title of Homecoming King, several students dubbed him “The People’s King” for his representation of the students that feel overlooked. John enjoyed the experience and was proud to represent his class exclaiming, “I still can’t believe people actually voted for me! I’m just an ordinary guy, and to feel so much support and acceptance from other students was amazing.”

Motivated by the success of his Homecoming campaign, John has set his sights on a new venture: Prom King.