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Peachtree Ridge’s Hardworking Spanish Teacher

Meet Mrs. Chahda: she is currently a Spanish teacher at Peachtree Ridge High School and this is her third year teaching at the school. She had originally started teaching in Mason, Ohio for several years before moving to Atlanta back in 2011. From there, she began working in Cobb county at Allatoona and Pope High School. Mrs. Chahda has taught every level of Spanish, ranging from Spanish 1 to AP Spanish. This year she had the opportunity to become a Spanish course team lead at Peachtree Ridge High School which helps the Spanish team collaborate and figure out how to work well together to best suit students. Not only this, but she also helps out in National Spanish Honor Society.

A mentor that has influenced her throughout her teacher journey–other than her co-workers–is her mother. Her mother was also a high school Spanish teacher and when Mrs. Chahda was younger, she would always marvel at what her mother did, even the little things like putting stickers on papers. Her mother was always someone she looked up to and she even had the opportunity to be taught Spanish by her mom in high school. Although it was her mom, “she ended up being one of my most favorite teachers in high school”, so she really impacted Mrs. Chahda’s decision to become a teacher.

Lois Osei, a current student in Mrs. Chahda’s class, mentioned that she thoroughly enjoys Mrs. Chahda’s class as she includes a lot of hands on activities where everyone has the opportunity to interact with each other. Lois says that, “The class isn’t easy, but it’s really just what you make it to be”. Mrs. Chahda is a very open person to talk to and one of those people that you can go to for advice. At the same time, she is not going to sugar coat things and is more like a tough love type of person, but will give in when it’s needed.

In her free time, Mrs. Chahda enjoys travelling, running, and most importantly spending time with friends and family. Her love for running had also led her to help coach the schools cross country team for the past two years. If Mrs. Chahda could describe her job in one word, it would be passion because, “You can’t be a teacher without having passion. You have to love kids, but also be passionate about what you teach”.

On the picture to the left is Mrs. Chahda and to the right is Lois Osei.