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4 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

If summer travel plans frequently keep you away from home, it can be a challenge to maintain your regular fitness routine. With dedication, planning and a little creativity, you can use these tips from fitness entrepreneur Cassey Ho to maintain your workout regimen no matter where your travels take you.

1 – Pack for Fitness

Before your trip, research the hotel, nearby fitness facilities or area parks and pack accordingly. Be sure to bring along the essentials, such as athletic shoes and exercise clothing; easily portable equipment such as a jump rope, resistance bands or yoga mat; and technology to support your workout like your smartphone and headphones.

Like the right apparel, footwear and diet, it is also important to have the right contact lens technology for your eyes. It’s crucial to your performance that you be comfortable throughout the day so you don’t lose focus.

“As a fitness trainer, fashion designer and social media entrepreneur, I need a contact lens that’s as high-performing as I am,” Ho said. “Because of their unique water-gradient technology, Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses are so comfortable that I don’t notice I’m wearing them, which allows me to focus on my workout, not my eyes.”

Beyond all-day comfort, daily disposable contact lenses can be a healthy option for your eyes, are easy to use and take up less space when traveling because you don’t need to pack bulky lens care solution and cases. Learn more at

2 – Keep Active as You Go

Whether you’re traveling by car, train or plane, summer travel can force you to sit for long periods. To fit some activity into your travel, wear your walking or running shoes. If you’re traveling by plane, stroll through the airport terminal rather than sitting at the gate if you have a layover or delay. When traveling by train walk through the cars occasionally. If you’re driving, take breaks to get out and stretch.

3 – Work in a Workout

When you arrive at your destination, set the tone for your trip by working out right away or scheduling time for a workout and treating it as an important appointment. Consider these simple ways to squeeze in some physical activity:

  • Go for a quick run in the area near your hotel – it’s a great way to burn calories, and it’s the perfect opportunity to explore your destination!
  • Walk the hotel halls – or get your daily steps logged at a local attraction or meeting facility. Take the stairs when possible and use your phone’s GPS to map out a path or find a local park or trail.
  • For a quick burst of cardio, power through a few sets of jumping jacks in your room.
  • If you’ve got space in your hotel room, use your tablet or smartphone to find a yoga or aerobics workout and follow along.
  • Try pushups, planks and squats, all of which rely on your own body mass for resistance.
  • Swim laps in the hotel pool.

 4 – Make Healthy Dining Choices

When dining out, make sensible choices. Take the time to evaluate the menu. Select foods that are steamed, roasted or broiled, and avoid fried foods. Ask for dressings and sauces on the side. If you’ll be in town for more than a day or two, take time to visit a local grocery store to stock up on fresh, healthy snacks, such as fruit, vegetables, hummus and unsalted nuts, for your hotel room.

 Keeping things simple and staying committed to your routine with these tips will help you to easily keep your health on track during your summer travels.