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After Charlottesville: How to Foster Unity

On August 12, 2017, a white supremacist, Neo-Nazi rally broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, a small college town home to the University of Virginia. This rally was a counter-protest to the current black rallies occurring in other cities throughout the United States.

Since the rally occurred, it seems to me that the wedge between the left and the right has grown, especially with President Trump not denouncing the people who participated in the rally by name. As the gap between the left and right increases, unity decreases. Right now, more than ever, Americans need to stay united. The world has too many problems already, and race cannot be one of them. Here are three ways we can stay united and foster unity within our community:


Talk to your elected representative.
Talking to your rep and asking them to comment about the attacks along with asking them how they’ll prevent a future event like this one is the perfect and easiest way to get in contact with the federal government.

Organize an event for your community.
Gwinnett County is a very diverse county containing many cultural backgrounds and many different political stances. By organizing an event such as a dinner party or going out to brunch, you can let people in your community know you appreciate them and accept them despite your possible political differences.


Stay positive!
Having a ‘glass half full’ look on life will not only make you feel better, but also make the people around you feel more optimistic and safe. Spreading love and positivity is very important for the time we’re living in right now. People perform actions like the Charlottesville riot because they don’t feel safe. Just smiling at people or saying something nice can go a long way, and it’ll make them feel safe.