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Atlanta Vascular & Vein Center

As a vascular and interventional radiologist, Dr. Amish Tilara’s specialized practice is at the forefront of medical technology. He says, “Using cutting edge tools like ultrasound and fluoroscopy, we can quickly and accurately diagnose problems. Treatments include minimally invasive procedures that speed patient recovery time and decrease the risk of complications.” Tilara started Atlanta Vascular & Vein Center to make quality care more convenient. “With my own center, I can provide individualized care for patients and be more personally available.” Tilara also encourages questions. “I want patients to make informed decisions. I encourage them to call me if they think of something they forgot to ask.”

To further educate patients, Tilara presents free seminars on the most advanced treatments for varicose veins and uterine fibroid embolization. Find out more about upcoming seminars at

Atlanta Vascular & Vein Center
600 Professional Drive · Suite 160
Lawrenceville, GA 30046