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Best of Gwinnett 2016: Gwinnett County The Best is Built on a Strong Foundation

We all have things we love about Gwinnett this restaurant, that park, my school. Our hometown favorites. But we probably never think about a little thing called infrastructure that makes it all possible. You know those take it for granted things like healthy drinking water, well-maintained roads, award-winning parks, and skilled public safety pros. That is Gwinnett’s strong foundation. The infrastructure that makes it possible for business, industry, education, arts, entertainment and more to flourish and prosper and make our quality of life something to be envied.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles:
Moving Gwinnettians around the 437 square miles of our county takes 2,450 miles of road, over 700 signalized intersections, heavy rail for transporting goods and the fourth-busiest airport in Georgia. The Gwinnett Department of Transportation performs this mission with 143 full-time personnel and an annual operating budget of over $34 million dollars. Public transit and improvement projects like the Peach Pass lanes on I-85 and the diverging diamond interchanges on several of our busiest intersections, make getting around Gwinnett much easier for the 859 thousand people that travel in and out of the county every day.

Gwinnett Fire: To the Rescue!
Protecting almost 900,000 people is no easy feat. Gwinnett’s Fire and Emergency Services Department, which is Georgia’s largest, responds to 74,000 calls for help each year. It takes 898 brave men and women dedicated to saving lives and protecting property to deliver the highest quality of service by holding the principles of truth, trust, respect and unity. These superheroes operate from 30 strategically placed fire stations that include 30 engine companies, 10 ladder trucks, and 25-advanced life-support medical units. All emergency response vehicles are staffed with EMTs and paramedics and carry essential medical equipment for advanced life support.

Gwinnett Police Department: Protect and Serve
Built_1The Gwinnett County Police Department is a nationally accredited and rapidly growing police agency. The department currently has an authorized strength of 759 sworn officers supported by 310 civilian employees with the responsibility of providing law enforcement services to a growing population. The department is organized into these divisions: Office of the Chief, Administrative Services, Criminal Investigations, Support Operations, and Uniform. When you add together all of the county’s sworn officers, each city’s police department, the Sherriff’s department, and the Georgia State Patrol, its an impressive force.

Parks and Recreation
One of the many benefits to living in Gwinnett County is the award-winning parks system and the extensive range of recreational activities offered year-round to residents. From a stroll on a trail and youth sports, to a fitness or pottery class, Gwinnett County Park & Recreation programming is expansive.

Many of the 49 county parks feature views of woodlands, lakes, meadows, streams and gently rolling hills, and several include historic sites and museums to help you explore the past and enjoy Gwinnett County history. On an average day, the Community Recreation Centers are filled with a multitude of activities and events for infants to senior citizens. There are summer camps, skate complexes, leisure activities, art classes, aquatic centers, tennis courts, disc golf courses, sports fields and the list goes on and on!

Courts: All Rise!
If you have ever reported for jury duty, applied for a marriage license, or perhaps had to pay a ticket (oops!), you’ve witnessed our court system in action. Gwinnet’s system is one of Georgia’s largest and most efficient when it comes to serving justice. Maintaining law and order is a top priority. The center of law and government is the Gwinnett Justice & Administration Center, located in Lawrenceville. This four-level, people-oriented justice and administrative center preserves the identity and independence of the courts while consolidating all county government needs into one facility. A common lobby connects 27 courtrooms, support areas, all county departments, and the office of our 7th district Congressman. That’s a lot of power under one roof!

Water On Tap: Thirsty Anyone?
The people of Gwinnett consume an average of 87.4 million gallons of water per day! When you need that much, a few trips to the store for bottled water just won’t do. So, the Water Production Division of our county provides clean, safe drinking water for all of us thirsty residents!

Gwinnett County’s source of water is Lake Lanier. To access this raw water, Gwinnett County operates and maintains two separate intake and pump facilities along with 13 water storage tanks and 19 booster pump stations located throughout the county. State certified water production staff provides continuous monitoring and quality control of the water production infrastructure and equipment.

But Wait, There’s More!
We’ve touched on some high points of the services that Gwinnett County government provides, but honestly, there’s more. Much more. Voter registration. Public libraries. Senior and disabled services. Business licenses. You should see for yourself! Visit to learn how to access county services.