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The Best of the Best

It’s no secret that Gwinnett County is home to some of the state’s top players. We have budding college players and future NFL stars scattered throughout the county. Our high school football track record speaks for itself. Gwinnett has won eight state championships since 2000 and has produced numerous 5-star nationally ranked athletes.

These next 20 players embody what it truly means to be an athlete. They are the first to arrive at practice, and the last ones to leave. They spend countless hours in the weight room and work relentlessly to become faster and stronger. And above all, each player strives for not only athletic excellence, but academic excellence as well. Any college or university would be lucky to have one of these players on their team.


KILLIAN JAKEJake Killian / Grayson High School / Defensive End

“My favorite things about football include the pageantry of the game, and the fact that it’s such a team sport. Nobody goes anywhere without a team.”





TAYLOR WILLWill Taylor/ Grayson High School / Offensive Line

Will’s goals go far beyond the football realm. “I am not sure what I specifically want to end up doing in the future, but I plan on going to Duke and hopefully going into the medical field.”





FOOTBALL_78JSJonathan Stewart / Mountain View High School / Offensive Lineman

Jonathan is a double threat, both on and off the field. “There’s no secret to maintaining my 3.9 GPA. Whenever I’m not on the field, all I’m thinking about are my academics and keeping my grades up.”




FOOTBALL_11CMCaleb Mitchell / Parkview High School / Quarterback

“I’m a competitor by nature. I hate to lose just as much or more than the next guy. At the end of the day, what I want the guys to say about me, is that even when things get rough, I’m the guy they can rely on to keep em composed and ready to go.”




FOOTBALL_9PWPeyton Woulard / Collins Hill High School / Free Safety

“My favorite thing about football is the team bond built between the players and the coaches.”





FOOTBALL_52ZHZavion Henry / Meadowcreek High School / Defensive Tackle

Football isn’t the only thing Zavion has his sights set on. “My goal after high school is to go to Kennesaw State and graduate. I want to become a chef and open my own restaurant.”





FOOTBALL_4CSCameron Sample / Shiloh High School / Defensive End

When asked if there was a specific aspect of playing football that he liked the most, Cameron said, “I like all of it, really. I like the game, the bright lights, everything.”





FOOTBALL_37QMQuinn Miller / Archer High School / Middle Linebacker

Quinn is both a football player and a state champion wrestler. “I have offers to schools for football and wrestling. Right now, I’m not sure if I want to wrestle or play football in college.”





FOOTBALL_8DWDameaon Williams / Norcross High School / Defensive Back

“I want to be successful as much as I want to breathe. I am a team player and I will always be a student of the game.”






FOOTBALL_99CMChrinovic Mukulu / Discovery High School / Defensive End

“When I first tried out for the soccer team as a sophomore at Berkmar High School, I didn’t make it. Now, I’m a senior and I play football for Discovery. I’m doing pretty well.”




FOOTBALL_21RLRyan Lovelace / North Gwinnett High School / Running Back

“In my future, I definitely want to go on and play football in college. But, if that doesn’t happen I still want to go to college and major in IT. It’s a growing field that could help me support my family.”





FOOTBALL_6SJSeth Johnston / South Gwinnett High School / Quarterback

Football isn’t the only thing Seth is good at. He has committed to Georgia Southern to play baseball. He will start next fall. “I want to receive a degree while I’m down there. Then, once my playing days are over I would like to coach and mentor young athletes.”




FOOTBALL_7ZAZane Ashley / Peachtree Ridge High School / Strong Safety

“My ultimate dream would be to play for Georgia Tech. If I go to Tech, my major would be something involving engineering. But if I don’t go to Tech, I would choose a business major. I just want to be successful.”





FOOTBALL_35LWLeonard Warner / Brookwood High School / Linebacker

Leonard has become a master at balancing things in his life. “It’s hard work to balance school and football. But at the same time, my family is what’s most important to me.”




FOOTBALL_6JHJamar Hall/ Mill Creek High School / Defensive Back

For Jamar, putting an end to Colquitts winning streak was his favorite memory. “In my sophomore year we started their 30 game winning streak. It felt amazing to put an end to it my senior year.”





FOOTBALL_2JWJarren Williams / Central Gwinnett High School / Quarterback

“I am always working hard to be the best for my team and myself. I hate losing more than I love winning.”




FOOTBALL_4JSJeremiah Scott / Berkmar High School / Quarterback

Jeremiah says there nothing like the game of football. “When you’re on the field, it’s just you and your brothers and that’s it. Nothing else matters”.





FOOTBALL_4CCCameren Carter / Duluth High School / Outside Linebacker

“I love how football is the perfect mixture of intellectual instinct and savagery. The balance between mind and athleticism. I live for the big hits, the forced fumbles, and the battle for shedding the block and sacking success.”




FOOTBALL_25JJJuwaun Jones / Lanier High School / Linebacker

Juwuan takes care of business on and off the field with a 3.9 GPA. “My favorite thing about football is tackling people without getting in trouble.”





FOOTBALL_21JJJaylon Jones / Dacula High School / Defensive Back

Jaylon says that football is more than just a game. “I love the life lessons it teaches you, like overcoming adversity, accepting discipline, and building relationships with people that you usually wouldn’t connect with.”




FOOTBALL_1TRTD Roof / Buford High School / Inside Linebacker

Bufords head football coach says TD is a huge help to the team. “TD can play a lot of positions, he is naturally talented. He’s just a really good football player.”