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Buford: A Jam-Packed Dining Destination

Buford’s Main Street has a long and varied history, but the current crop of world-class restaurants is a relatively new thing. Known as South Railroad Street until 1911, the road has long been a shopping and community destination. But perhaps nothing defines it more today than the wide range of eateries, from the casual dining of the Tannery Row Ale House at one end to the wood-fired grill of Bare Bones Steakhouse at the other. In between you’ll find fine dining at Aqua Terra and Sperata, international flair at Rico’s World Kitchen, the local charm of Buford’s Grill, the all-American fun and cuisine of 37 Main, and more. There aren’t many better places to spend an afternoon than historic downtown Buford, and you might want to come early and stay late so you have time to chow down at more of the area’s restaurants. So much tastiness within such a short stroll!

Try these Buford gems: