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City of Norcross Names Mary Beth Bender as Director of Public Works, Utilities & Parks and New Assistant City Manager

The City of Norcross recently named longtime city leader Mary Beth Bender as the director of the public works, utilities & parks department. Bender’s role also includes serving as assistant city manager, which is a new position created to provide support to the city manager, mayor, council, city staff and the residents of Norcross. With over 17 years of experience at the City of Norcross, Bender brings a wealth of knowledge to the position and plans to continue the city’s commitment to safety, reliability, openness and innovation.

“As a City of Norcross veteran and longtime community leader, we are confident in Mary Beth’s abilities and skills to serve as second in command and in leading the public works department that operates as the backbone of our city,” said Norcross City Manager Rudolph Smith. “With a history of success effectively managing the city’s public works along with her familiarity of the city, staff and citizens, Mary Beth will serve Norcross well in this capacity.”

The infrastructure of the City of Norcross is maintained by the director and staff of the public works, utilities and parks department. The director of public works, utilities, and parks manages the various public works departments such as streets and highways, parks, as well as the public utilities, including power, stormwater, and sanitation. The duties of the assistant city manager includes assisting with the day-to-day management and operations of the city along with serving as city manager in the absence the aforementioned personnel.

“I am honored to serve the City of Norcross as the assistant city manager and I am equally proud to be a part of the city’s public works department,” commented Bender. “Norcross is a city built on innovation and I look forward to continuing the city’s track record of success while providing local citizens superior customer service that they have come to expect from Norcross.”

Bender has been an employee of the city for 17 years where she has served in numerous capacities including working for the marshal and court services. For the last 10 years, Bender was worked in the public works, utilities & parks department as an executive assistant, superintendent and now as the director. She is a member of the American Public Works Association, Georgia Recreation and Parks Association, the International Association of Administrative Professionals, National Youth Sports Coaches Association, and the Southeast Festival & Events Association. Mary Beth has also achieved the Certification in Public Works Management from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government. Bender earned her administrative professional degree from Madison College and has numerous certifications in playground safety, public works management and youth sports.

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