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Cleaning on Wheels: More Than Just a Cleaning Service

Every day we are bombarded with more and more tasks to do and sometimes cleaning doesn’t always make the cut. That’s where Jan Maskew founder of Cleaning on Wheels comes into play. Cleaning on Wheels is a highly professional and dedicated cleaning company servicing both residential and commercial areas.

With more than two decades of cleaning experience, the professionals at Cleaning on Wheels get the job done in an efficient and detailed manner. The employees are never in your house for longer than two hours, because they know that you have more important tasks at hand. So, the business model is strictly business, with a personal touch.

Maskew said, “We’re there to help, even though its business, it’s personal to us too. Because going into someone’s home is extremely personal.” This is true, as Maskew ended up forming an unexpected close bond with one of her clients.

One day, while she was cleaning, her client came home and told her that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Almost two years to the day she was diagnosed, she passed away.

Maskew witnessed her client go to treatments and watched how devastated the family grew during those two years. She helped in any way she could and maintained her cleaning services for
the house. From that point on, Maskew knew that she had to be a part of something that was much more than just cleaning.

That’s when she found a charity called Cleaning for a Reason. Cleaning on Wheels partners with Cleaning for a Reason by providing four free cleanings within four months. The goal is to give women battling cancer one less thing to worry about. For Maskew, the idea of helping a women in her time of need hits close to home. She knows that a clean house helps gives ill patients a little peace of mind. However, helping women in need is only one part of her business.

Maskew strives to put professionalism at the forefront of her business. She trains all of her rigorously background checked employees to have a professional image as well as a professional work ethic so that customers have confidence in them the very first time they meet them. Maskew assures customers that her employees know what they’re doing, and are dedicated to helping out in any way they can. Cleaning on Wheels has had minimal customer complaints in the past, but when they are faced with a complaint, they work hard and fast to solve
the problem.

Today, the business is separated into two categories: commercial and residential. The residential cleanings are done daily. Residents can request someone to come and give an in-home quote, or they can do it online. Commercial cleanings run off of a seven day schedule
and sometimes utilize up to three people to give the best quality care.

If you’re looking for a cleaning company that cares and will get the job done simultaneously, give Jan Maskew and Cleaning on Wheels a
call today.