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Cupcake Crazy

For Ramona Hampton, owner of “Cupcake Diva Girlz” in Dacula, her passion was birthed long ago in a kitchen in Mobile, Alabama.

Ramona began her love for baking because of the love she had for her grandmother.

Growing up in a southern household, helping in the kitchen became Ramona’s chance to spend quality time with her grandmother. Grandmother, Lela Williams, was handing down more than the eggs Ramona would break, or the flour that Ramona would use to mix into the delicious treats on the menu back then. She was also handing down the experience and enjoyment of a process. Ramona enjoyed watching her relatives bite into one of Lela’s moist pound cakes, close their eyes, and delight in the sweet deliciousness. “This is unbelievable!” they would exclaim. Ramona, proud to have contributed would shout, “I helped her make that!”

Ramona spent most of her adult life in bakeries perfecting her craft. Today she is still at it, running and operating, “Cupcake Diva Girlz” in Dacula, Georgia. The love and passion passed down from her grandmother can be tasted in any of their 120 flavors of cupcakes. Ramona smiles when she looks back on how far her passions have taken her. “I have to say that our success in Dacula has been both because of God, who gave me the talent, and because of my grandmother who poured this love and drive I have to never give up. That is what stretches my talents and makes our customers continue to come back for more.” For Ramona, the passion for baking continues to be passed down to the next generation. “My daughters, who all work in the shop, get to see the customers here trying the different flavors in our cakes, and I can see it giving them that same enjoyment I felt all those years ago in my grandmother’s kitchen.”