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DAG: 2020!

2020. That has the makings of a monumental year.

There is “Hindsight is 2020”. A good mantra for looking back and reflecting. 

Learning from where you been. The year “2020” can be a good reminder to reflect. A reminder to anticipate more of the good things you had in the past. A reminder to avoid making the same mistakes of the past as you go forward.

David Greer, Publisher

Then, there is “2020 Vision”. 

Seeing things with crystal clear clarity. Having great vision for the future. Without vision- well, you know.

It’s the beginning of a decade. Perhaps a decade of “wise reflection” coupled with “action and accomplishment”. 

2020? Hmmm. My vision for the future involves doing more for others. Making a positive impact. Making the most of every day. 

When things are going good it’s easy to take things for granted. 

Things are going great in my life on all fronts so I’m gonna use my 2020 hindsight, reflecting on the hard times and obstacles that have been overcome. Reminding myself of the hard lessons learned. Taking steps towards positive action for the future.

Vision doesn’t happen without effort. I need to make sure to proactively work on visioning for the future so we make the most of the all to perishable “time”.

So here’s to 2020. It’s a great symbolic year. May every date on every calendar serve as a reminder- 

Wisely reflect.

Think and see your next steps with clarity.

Happy New Year! Happy 2020. Here’s to healthy, happy and prosperous year.