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Dana Holmes Loves the “Aha” Moments

Born and raised in New Orleans, Dana Holmes has grown up in a loving atmosphere with influential people that have molded her into the person that she has become today.

She attended Loyola University where she got her Bachelor of Education. Later on, she moved to Georgia where she attended Mercer University in Atlanta and received her Masters and Specialist degree. Throughout her career she has worked as a teacher for a total of 19 years, 14 of which she has taught at Hull Middle School where she is currently teaching.

Ms. Holmes became a teacher back in New Orleans, her mother was a teacher and administer. She loves to teach because she enjoys seeing the spark that students get when they make personal connections or references to things when learning. That “aha” moment that students feel is enough to fuel her passion for teaching, day in and day out.

Ms. Holmes also enjoys working with the 8th graders at Hull Middle School, as she loves the personalities of the students. The ages of the students are perfect because they are not overly mature and are are still open to learning. 8th graders are especially good at conversations as they are still developing and are prone to new ideas and understanding.

As a teacher, Ms. Holmes would say that her best moment is being able to see her students graduate. She “looks forward to graduation every year because I like to see how much my students have grown”. Especially noting the progress that they have made and the young adults that they have turned into.

A current student of Ms. Holmes, Stacy Yoon, says that Ms. Holmes “is very supportive of anything we try to do. She is understanding that as students we have a life outside of school and she genuinely cares about each and every student”.

If Ms. Holmes could describe her job in one word, it would be “rewarding.” Her job is rewarding in the way that she is making a difference in a child’s life.