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Easy Ways to Warm Up This Winter

As the cold weather settles in, staying snuggled up in your comfortable house around the clock may be tempting, but it’s not very realistic. So when you come back inside from work, running errands or a quick snowball war with the kids, you’ll need some easy ways to warm up.

Heat yourself from the inside out with these ideas:

Take a bath with warm water to help you relax and return your body to a comfortable temperature. Add a hint of lavender or another favorite scent for some aromatherapy. Start with a moderate temperature and gradually add more hot water as needed to avoid shocking your system.

Toss blankets in the dryer before you head outside to play in the snow, get the mail or shovel the driveway. When you get back inside, you’ll have a cozy, warm blanket to wrap yourself in and chase away the bone-deep chill.

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Add a layer. Nothing says comfort like a favorite sweatshirt that has been worn and washed so many times it’s practically a second skin. When you come in from outdoors, dress in cozy layers and ditch the extras as your body temperature returns to normal.

Rely on smart technology. While you’re outdoors or on the way home, access your smart thermostat remotely and give the indoor temps a nudge so you walk in the door to some toasty warmth. Just remember to program a reset to your normal climate so you don’t get steamed when you get the bill later.

Bake your way warm. If you rarely make time to indulge a hobby like baking, the heat from a busy kitchen may be all the excuse you need. Crank up the oven and get busy mixing up your favorite treats.

Soak up the sun. Once indoors, away from the biting wind and cold, the sun’s rays can boost your spirits and warm your body. Take a note from the family cat and make yourself comfy in a ray of sunlight.

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