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Georgia College Roundup! Comparing Three Top Schools

Written by Jaiden Arada, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Senior at Cherokee Bluff High School

Ever since last fall, high school seniors across America have been considering colleges and submit their applications. This can be a very stressful or very exciting time for people waiting to hear for decisions. These kinds of decisions can affect their future and choosing what kind of college to go to can be its own struggle. With so many elements to consider such as tuition, location, class sizes, etc., this decision is overwhelming as picking the right college is so important. Many of the colleges that are in Georgia offer different campus lifestyles that allow people to choose the best college for them. Here are a few of Georgia’s most popular schools…

University of Georgia

Located in Athens, the University of Georgia is a very well-known school. As a member of the SEC conference and recent winner of the National Championship, the school definitely has popularity to its name. The campus is spread out over the town of Athens and has a lot of greenery, with many plants growing wherever you look. UGA has bigger class sizes and different buildings for the majors offered at the university. With the campus life offered there, students will never be bored. There are many buildings to explore from the Terry College of Business to the Ramsey Student Center. UGA is definitely an great option for many students, but it’s important to apply quickly because UGA does not accept as many students as some might think.

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Savannah College of Art and Design or SCAD has three locations. There are two in Georgia—in Atlanta and Savannah—and one in Lacoste, France. This college specializes in the arts and prepares artists of all kinds for a bright future, from illustrators to stage performers. SCAD offers a variety of programs including graphic design, animation, film, writing and more. The class sizes are smaller at the Atlanta campus because that campus is only two buildings. Savannah’s campus, much like UGA’s, is spread out over the town of Savannah. SCAD has great numbers of employment after graduation from their school, estimating around 91%. SCAD is definitely a good option for students that have specific career goals in the arts.

Georgia State University

Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia State University’s campus gives students a true college experience. Georgia State offers dozens of degree programs and many extracurricular opportunities in sports, arts and more. The university is different from other schools because of its location. The proximity to downtown Atlanta allows students to explore the city and still go to school within it. They have a great film production program because of Georgia’s growing movie industry. Many movies and TV shows are filmed in Atlanta, so being that close to where projects are being created allows students to have opportunities that other colleges don’t offer. Students are guaranteed have an interesting experience at Georgia State University.