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Georgia DOT SR 9/Peachtree Road Project

The proposed safety and operational improvement project includes installing a two-way left turn lane from Pharr Road to Deering Road, adding dedicated bike lanes from Deering Road to Peachtree Battle Avenue, resurfacing, and restriping. The two-way left turn lanes can help reduce the amount of rear-end and side swipe crashes by removing left-turning vehicles from the travel lanes and providing left-turn bays and protected left-turn signal phases at some intersections. The proposed dedicated bike lanes can also increase safety for motorists, bikers, and pedestrians. The bike lanes can provide a buffer between the sidewalk and travel lanes and increase multimodal connectivity.

"Over 400 people attended the Peachtree Road public information open house," said Carleton Fisher, Georgia DOT Project Manager. To ensure that every voice could be heard The Georgia DOT, received comments and concerns about the project throughout the month of November and will take those into consideration as the project develops.