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GSMST Fights to End Human Trafficking

Atlanta has been identified as a city with one of the highest rates of human trafficking in the nation. In response to this, The GSMST Service Learning Cohort will host a fundraising event on Fri., Sept. 21, to support victims of human trafficking.

This is the second year of the service learning program, the brainchild of Ms. Nicole D’antonio, an internship coordinator at GSMST, as a program for high school juniors to combine volunteerism and in-class learning to impact their community.

After researching human trafficking and its effect on those involved, the students were drawn into doing something about it. One of the students, Patrick Lambright remarked, “Atlanta is a hub for human trafficking and doesn’t receive enough press to deal with this issue.”

The class is led by Mrs. Rebecca Robbins, who helps to facilitate the mostly student-directed project by giving direction and supervision. The students spend weeks creating posters, graphics and advertising in preparation for the event.

All of their hard work will culminate in a movie night and discussion surrounding the issue of human trafficking and what can be done to stop it. The event will have a price of admission, photo booth, and concessions sold so that all the proceeds can go to Georgia Cares, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and works to support victims of human trafficking.

Jason Sodikin, a member of the service learning cohort, said, “I gained a greater sense of community as well as the enjoyment collaborating with fellow classmates.”

After this event, the cohort will organize other fundraisers for other non-profit organizations like animal shelters and or to assist other communities in distress.

If you wish to learn more about GSMST’s Service Learning Cohort follow them on Instagram @gsmstservicelearning or visit their website.