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IC Racing Gets You Up and Running At Record Speed

What would you have done with $800 in 1993? Perhaps the first ever Coachella tickets to see Pearl Jam, or a bunch of faded jeans and flannel shirts, or maybe a Commodore Amiga?

Well, Isinovy Calvo took his 800 bucks and started IC Racing, a full-service car repair and maintenance shop that has been making Gwinnett drivers happy for almost a quarter of a century.

Calvo and his wife are Gwinnett natives, and they run their family-owned business as a true part of the community. Aside from the friendly atmosphere and dedication to competitive prices and quality service, IC Racing gives back to the community by sponsoring five annual car shows each year to benefit local charities.

Thinking local matters to Calvo. “If we all support our local businesses we can continue to help each other grow and build a great support system for the community,” he says. “The city of Duluth supports our local businesses by offering a lot of opportunities to promote their business, such as the Fall Festival and local events and organizations all year long. They want to have owner-operated business in the community and make it easy to operate a business in the city.”

That sounds like our kind of business, and our kind of city.

And, hey, if you blew your $800 on a 1980 Ford Fairmont Futura, IC Racing could probably help keep your investment alive.

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