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“The Nail Society Salon” Isn’t Just a Name

In addition to offering quite an array of cutting-edge services, The Nail Society puts a bit of emphasis on “society.” It is really a great community within the great communtiy of Buford.

“We fell in love with Historic Downtown Buford’s charm and quaintness,” says owner Kim Jones. “The history of the town is so fascinating and the people have so many interesting stories and are so nice to be around!”

Jones managed to recreate this charm within her salon, focusing on a comfortable and friendly space where people always feel welcome. “Our clients say coming to our shop is their version of the TV show Cheers, where everyone is friends And everyone knows your name!”

In addition to being a great place to hang out, though, The Nail Society is also at the top of their game as a nail boutique. Kim herself brings a lot of expertise, evident in her publication in trade magazines and her celebrity clients. And Nail Society offers and expanding list of top-notch services.

“We’re saving the world one manicaure at a time,” she says. “We can help transform your nails into 10 beautiful pieces of art, or just help enhance your hands or feet!”