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Inspiring Assistant Principal Heather Alvira

Within the Berkmar cluster, there is Rebecca Minor Elementary School. It was built in 1987, making the school 30 years old. For over half of Minor’s existence, Heather Alvira has worked there, currently as an assistant principal, but for 13 years, she was a guidance counselor.

Mrs. Alvira graduated from Collinsville High School in Northeast Alabama. She then proceeded to graduate from Jackson State University, Walden University, University of West Alabama, and finally Lincoln Memorial University. When Mrs. Alvira was in college, she got married and had kids. She changed her career path to something that would be more efficient to spend time with her children. She became a teacher, while still doing something she loved.

In 2007, Mrs. Alvira began her journey at Minor as a guidance counselor, but for the past four years, she has been an assistant principal. When she started as a teacher, she did not have the mindset of soon becoming an assistant principal. Mrs. Alvira has always had a passion for leadership positions, she was team captain of her school’s basketball and softball team, a youth leader at her church, and had a manager position in her job during school. ” Instead of complaining about the pressure or worrying about all the ‘impossible’ tasks that are placed on teachers, I felt I should jump in and help other teachers be successful. I think they know that I am there to support them just like I expect them to support students. ” Mrs. Alvira believes that just because she does not help the student’s success directly, she does make sure their teachers are encouraging them to succeed. “I was young at the time, but I do remember going into her office and getting to talk to her. She cared about what I had to say, and she motivated me to be a great student,” says Minor alumni Jesus Perez.

Mrs. Alvira lives with no regrets choosing her career path, she only believes that if she wasn’t an assistant principal, she would have her own bakery, following her dream after retiring.

To the students who she has impacted, or to those who have not had the chance to meet her, she says to you this, “Always stand up for what is right and never fall for what is wrong.”