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Guide to Gwinnett: Just Hashtag It!

We’ve been saying it for years_there’s a lot to love about Gwinnett!

Telling the good news of Gwinnett has always been our mission. We see good people and good works here every day_ and we want to praise, recognize and show some love to Gwinnett whenever we can.

This is our annual Super Guide to Gwinnett, full of the people, places, events and organizations we all love about our community.

Gwinnett County will celebrate its bicentennial in 2018 and with all due respect to Button Gwinnett and those earliest residents, we think we’re just hitting our stride. Within the 437-square mile boundaries of our county are cities and neighborhoods that would amaze our founding fathers. We have residents who are Gwinnett natives and residents whose first home in the United States is Gwinnett County. We have a tremendous diversity – in thought, in background, in culture – and yet we are all united by a very strong sense of community.

When it comes to quality of life, Gwinnett gets top marks. Excellent schools? Gwinnett County Public Schools is one of the state’s very best systems and has twice won the nation’s top price for excellence in education. Not only is our public K-12 system world class, we have a stellar network of private schools and are home to every level of higher education.

High quality, innovative and accessible healthcare is also a Gwinnett plus. We’re served by several top hospital systems and dedicated physicians in every specialty, from cardiology to oncology and more.

Great parks and green space? Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation is another national award winner and our 50-park system features activities, classes and events year-round. Arts and entertainment? We have regional theater, venues that host the nation’s most popular acts, and visual arts galleries as well. Pro sports? Sure, there are a few teams just down the road ITP, but the Atlanta Gladiators, G-Braves and Georgia Swarm are true Gwinnett home teams.

Gwinnett is home to a host of progressive corporate citizens, including Fortune 500 companies, international corporations and a thriving small business community. Gwinnettians love to do business with their trusted friends and neighbors. Buying local is a true Gwinnett value.

While all these great attributes make folks flock to Gwinnett, it’s the people that make them stay. Gwinnett residents are empowered by a sense of positivity and bound by a desire to help others. That’s another Gwinnett value – helping others, often without a thought, because it’s what we do.

We invite you to join us in our drive to share the love. We use #LoveGwinnett to recognize and support all the things we love about our community, celebrating three simple values: Be Positive. Buy Local. Help Others.

Anytime you see something cool happening, something that makes you proud or something that you love about Gwinnett, post it on social media and hashtag it with #LoveGwinnett.
Just hashtag it! #LoveGwinnett

David Greer
Executive Publisher
Gwinnett Magazine