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Justin Acosta: Living Good Vibes Only

Meet Justin Acosta! He describes himself as respectful and outgoing. He loves to meet new people and is gracious while doing so.

Justin has been living and breathing the quote “Good Vibes Only,” because it helped him throughout his parents’ divorce. He has not had one moment of vulnerability since then. Believing in that quote, that simple phrase, has provided protection and serenity to give him strength. “There is no point to being sad,” he says. “You have to be happy and live your life. The past happened, and you can’t change that.”

After graduating high school, Justin wants to be accepted into Georgia Perimeter College, to be transferred and become a scholar student at UGA or Georgia Tech to study Computer Science. It’s an aspiration he’s had since he was young, obsessing over new technology and the way it is programmed.

Within the next ten years of his life, Justin wants to give back to the people that have helped him throughout his life. His mom moved to the United States in order to provide a better life for her two children. His brother helped Justin through some of the most difficult times in life.

Justin is a senior at Berkmar High School. He will be graduating in eight months, starting the rest of his life soon. He is starting to become an adult, learning how the world works, and how to survive. He is ready to face the world and catch whatever life throws at him. Justin Acosta is going to change the world one day, and he doesn’t even know it.