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Lanier High’s Inspiring Leader

No one gets the importance of peer leadership like Junior Kelli Townley, a junior coach who’s had the honor of helping Lanier Middle School’s cheerleaders grow not only as a team but as individual, confident athletes.

“When thinking about helping these rising cheerleaders, I feel very blessed that I am able to be a part of this experience,” Townley stated. “My favorite memory was during our second game. I had many parents and even cheerleaders and coaches from the other team complimenting me and telling me how great the routine looked.”

Townley is especially proud of everything the girls are able to accomplish during the practices, and how much every bit of hard work they put in is reflected in their routines during the games. “Watching my girls walk out onto the field so confident in what they were doing for their half-time is amazing to me because we had worked so hard on the weeks prior,” Townley explained. “Although there are many hours and late nights put into it, I’m very proud of how I can stand back and see how I’ve impacted each and every one of these girls.”

In the end, seeing the routine isn’t the best part of the experience to Townley; it’s seeing their happiness and confidence that makes every second of practice worthwhile. “Watching these thirteen girls walk out with smiles on their faces and listening to all of the parents cheer in amazement makes me feel very proud to know I was a part of something so amazing.”