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Life is Sweet in Sugar Hill

The city of Sugar Hill is traditionally known as a smaller, more quiet neighbor compared to the cities of Buford, Suwanee and Cumming. While there are many large attractions in the three surrounding cities, Sugar Hill offers a unique experience. Sugar Hill has been home to various parks, trails, and schools for an extensive period of time.

The T. Carl Buice Center, a pre-school and pre-kindergarten establishment for children with special needs, which has since closed, is a monumental part of Sugar Hill’s history. It was originally the home of Sugar Hill Elementary School, established as the T. Carl Buice Center in 1995, after a new, larger building, less than one mile down the road, was designated as Sugar Hill Elementary.

Farther away from downtown Sugar Hill lies Gary Pirkle Park. A groundbreaking ceremony was held with Mayor Gary Pirkle in 2008, and the park, with both natural and synthetic fields, a playground, and walking trails, has been a popular spot in Sugar Hill since opening. Many recreational football, soccer, and lacrosse teams converge here for practice and games, and families enjoy picnics and celebrations at park pavilions.

More recently, work has begun on further developing the downtown Sugar Hill area. The Bowl at Sugar Hill, located directly behind the new and improved City Hall building, is a current hot-spot for concerts, road races, and other festival-type gatherings. Construction on the area surrounding The Bowl is ongoing, with The E Center set to open mid-2018. The E Center will overlook The Bowl, containing office space, a performing arts center, retail, restaurants, and even living spaces.

Just down the road, right past the Sugar Hill Elementary School building, E.E. Robinson Park is found. Having followed suit and expanded with the downtown area, it contributes 53 acres to Sugar Hill’s over 150 acres of park and recreation space. Containing baseball and softball fields, volleyball and tennis courts, covered playgrounds and pavilions, E.E. Robinson is bustling during the warmer months. The park hosts anything from recreational sports teams to a firework show on the fourth of July.

The City of Sugar Hill, often seen as a quaint area, develops and expands while continuing to provide incredible opportunities for the unity and development of community through education, entertainment and recreation.