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Maria Mendillo CEO and President | FarraTech, Inc.

Our Story: Maria Mendillo is the CEO and President of FarraTech, Inc. The employee-owned company based in Norcross has been in business for 25 years. When the founder, John Farra, retired, he gave the company to his employees instead of selling to a third party.

How We Help: FarraTech is a strategic partner with our many clients that focuses on providing them the most effectiveprinting and copying solutions for their business, while also providing best-in-class service on printers and copiers. Our products and services include manufacturing toners for printers, printer and copier equipment sales, leasing and repair.

Problems We Solve: We work with several local and national accounts to solve problems with logistics, standardization and consolidation of the toner, printer and copier fleet, resulting in noticeable cost reduction and improved services.

Results We Deliver: FarraTech’s mission is to provide a one-stop shop to help customers with solutions and the expertise needed to reduce costs and bring more efficiency to the bottom line. We do not just want to sell them toner; we want to create a lasting partnership as an important part of our customer’s success story.

What Makes Us Unique: We are an ESOP (An Employee-Owned Company), women-owned and 100 percent dedicated to our customers. We have a remarkable team with several years of experience and technical knowledge. We created our own proprietary software that was made specifically to work with our customers for the best service possible.

What’s Next: We have seen tremendous growth – expanding our products, service offerings and expertise in all areas of our industry. In the past five years, we have acquired two companies and are in the process of acquiring our third this month. We are excited to grow our brand even further and bring our service to many more companies around Atlanta and nationally. | 770-582-1188 | 2791 Peterson Place NW | Norcross, GA 30071

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