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Mrs. Smith: Inspiring the Younger Generation

A desire for learning is instilled at a young age. Mrs. Smith is currently a teacher at Brookwood Elementary, where she teaches and inspires 4th graders. Her passion for children encouraged her to seek a job centered around children, and while she intended to be a pediatric, she soon realized that dealing with blood was not something she wanted to do. She eventually began teaching in Indiana, where she has taught for 12 years; however, due to her husband’s job, she moved to Georgia, where she began teaching in Gwinnett County.

Throughout her teaching career, she has taught a variety of grades, including 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade. She has found, however, that she has the best connection with younger children and especially enjoys teaching her current 4th graders as she explains, “They are at a fun age, where they enjoy coming to school.” With younger children, the classroom is dynamic. “Every day brings something different,” she says. This constantly keeps her on her feet.

While she admits that is often difficult balancing work and family life, she expresses the inextricable joys of teaching. She explains how the best part of teaching is the ah-ha moments and seeing the twinkle in their eyes when her students are finally able to grasp the lesson. Being able to witness this spark of understanding encourages her to continue teaching.

Demonstrating patience towards her students and ensuring they feel loved while they are in her classroom are her top priorities. She emphasizes the attention that must be given to each child. “Every child is unique so it is important to cater to their individual needs,” she explains. Mrs. Smith works endlessly to promote growth and development in her young learners. She shares that some of her most memorable experiences while being a teacher are having her former students visit her. “It is as if they are part of your family!” she exclaims. Her connection with her students even after many years illustrates the impact she has had on her students. Mrs. Smith will surely impact many more students, and Brookwood Elementary is lucky to have her!