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Peachtree Ridge’s Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is one of the most well known clubs at Peachtree Ridge High School. With over 100 members dedicated to helping families receive adequate shelter and care, it is one of the most humanitarian clubs at Peachtree Ridge.

I interviewed the president, Alvina Khan, and a member named Gopi Patel to learn more about Habitat for Humanity. Gopi Patel is a senior at Peachtree Ridge, and she joined Habitat for Humanity because Habitat for Humanity was her only chance to directly make a huge change in the world by helping others build homes for themselves. She believed joining Habitat for Humanity would be the hands-on activity that she could do to help others. Habitat for Humanity is the only club at Peachtree Ridge that helps build homes for people in need. Her favorite event was her first ever build. She was able to work side by side with not only the Habitat for Humanity Officers, but also the family the home was being built for. It was the first time she got a feel for what Habitat for Humanity really did how they made a difference in the real world.

President of Habitat for Humanity, Alvina Khan, is also a senior at Peachtree Ridge. Alvina has been in the Habitat for Humanity since her junior year of high school. She states, “the impact Habitat for Humanity has on people’s lives is one of the biggest reasons I decided to join the club. Habitat for Humanity involves building, fixing, and landscaping homes for those who may not have the financial means to live in a nice neighborhood and for those who cannot afford to fix their property or damages to their homes. Being a part of the club here at the school, we go out and help homeowners with these issues and help better their living situations.” She decided to become an officer for Habitat because she wanted to become a bigger part of the club and help the club grow as a whole. Watching her fellow peers grow as individuals by being an officer encouraged her to take on the roll. She also states that becoming an officer has helped her with her public speaking skills and communications skills.