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Riverside Military Academy: The Best in Boy’s Education for 109 Years

Riverside_2At Riverside Military Academy, we are not just a school; we are an organization that provides a life changing experience for young males. While there are many reasons to choose Riverside Military Academy, we’re going to give you some you may not have thought of before.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Riverside Military Academy

Our Diversity is a Competitive Advantage
Our unique and diverse student population includes over 530 cadets from 25 states and 27 countries. We have cadets of every race, background, ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic status. Living, playing, and working with peers from such distinct backgrounds makes our cadets much more prepared for the complex, multi-cultural, and competitive college and work environments they will inherit.

There is something for Everyone Here
We are highly competitive in all the traditional sports such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse. But, we do not stop there. We recognize the importance of being actively involved, so we offer an extensive amount of extracurricular activities others do not have like fencing, mixed martial arts, airsoft teams, sailing, rowing, and rifle team, in addition to intramurals and community involvement. We have a thriving fine arts program, taught by exceptional faculty and professional artists and offer multiple band, art, chorus, and drama options to cadets of all experience levels.

We Build Character
By the time your son leaves RMA, he will be a young man of substance, clearly ahead of his peers in terms of accountability, self-discipline, poise, achievement, and leadership. In short, he will be well-prepared for the challenges of college and life.

We Minimize Distractions
It’s truly amazing what a young man can accomplish when you take the pressure of girls, cars, clothes, money, and technology out of the equation. We monitor the use of cell phones and put our cadets in a structured environment that emphasizes achievement through time management, organization, and self-discipline. By minimizing the distractions of teenage life, we create conditions that lend itself to success while building confidence in each and every student.

We Deliver Results
The military model is a proven system that utilizes leadership, regimen, and a code of ethics to build a young man. The class of 2016 was accepted into over 120 different colleges and universities including The United States Military Academy West Point, Emory University, and The Citadel. To this day, our alumni return to campus each academic year and provide wisdom, support, and networking opportunities to our cadets as they prepare to continue their careers into adulthood.

Open House
We are now accepting applicants for January enrollment. Come to our open house Friday, December 2nd from 12:30 p.m. 5 p.m. to talk to current cadets and learn more.

2001 Riverside Dr.
Gainesville, GA 30501
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