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SPLOST Pennies for Parks and Greenspace

Community Parks provide youth sports, tennis, swimming, biking or disk golf and many other favorite activities which bond us together. Most Community Parks such as Pinckneyville, Rabbit Hill and Bay Creek Parks were developed with SPLOST support.

SPLOST has also preserved precious greenspaces such as Little Mulberry, Harbins and McDaniel Farm Parks, the Ivy Creek Greenway and, most recently, funded the purchase of Simpsonwood Park.

For the history buff, SPLOST has supported the preservation of historic facilities such as the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse, the Isaac Adair House, the Yellow River Post Office and Freeman’s Mill as well as providing the Environmental and Heritage Center to educate and help preserve the history of Gwinnett.

Today, SPLOST continues to improve our award-winning parks by creating a beautiful, functioning recreational community for all ages and conserving natural resources for generations to come.

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