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Student Spotlight – Eric Enloe

Eric Enloe is one many would consider to be the ideal student, but, more than simply being a good student, Eric is the tenacious, honest, and decent young man that all young men hope to one day become.

Eric’s grades are among the best, however, unlike many others, he does not make good grades for the sake of making good grades; Eric dedicates himself to the act of learning for the sake of learning itself.

Going further than grades, Eric is a cornerstone of the North Gwinnett community. Eric is the president of the North Gwinnett German Club and a frequent volunteer at community events across Suwanee. He has won several awards for his academic excellence, including a top 40 finish in a nationwide Engineering competition, a letter in academics, and was one of the defining members of the German Club team that took 1st place overall in the state last year. In the future, Eric would like to go to Georgia Tech, major in aerospace engineering, and eventually work for NASA or Space-X. Eric has accomplished a great deal, but, even more so than his accomplishments, Eric’s work ethic continues to inspire his friends, his community, and me. Eric, unlike most teenagers, doesn’t work hard because someone, a mother or a teacher, tells him to; Eric works hard because he knows what he is capable of.

Eric continues to push himself harder and achieve his goals, not in spite of himself, but rather for himself, and this simple virtue sets Eric Enloe apart as a man and as a student.