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Suwanee Town Center is Growing

Suwanee’s already bustling Town Center is expanding, bringing more retail, dining and living options to residents. Shop, eat, live… plus parking!

The City of Suwanee Downtown Development Authority, with developer Terwilliger Pappas and Carlyle Realty Partners, hosted a groundbreaking ceremony last month for Solis Town Center, a 240-unit mixed-use apartment development situated adjacent to Suwanee Town Center. Set on six acres, the property will also feature 12,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, 71 for-sale townhouses, and a parking garage around which the mixed-use structure will be built.

Previous city master plans – dating back to the 2002 Old Town Master Plan and through the 2015 Downtown Suwanee Master Plan Update – created a vision for this property, which will have a similar look and feel to the current Town Center area. The project also addresses several goals in the 20/20 Vision strategic plan, including extending Town Center, ensuring lifetime housing, and promoting a mixture of housing types.

“We have a proven track record with Town Center of master planning our vision and then working with the private sector to implement that vision,” says Allen. “People are always asking when we’re going to extend Town Center. We’re confident that this project will add depth and energy that not only physically extends Town Center but also further enhances the experience.”

The City of Suwanee opportunistically purchased of the underdeveloped partial adjacent to Town Center to be held for future growth. The elements of design, connectivity, community, and sense of place will extend down a pedestrian-friendly Buford Highway, setting the stage as to what is expected of future development for the updated Buford Highway corrido

“In many significant ways, this project is a prime example of the forethought it takes to create a truly impactful and visionary project,” said Suwanee Mayor Jimmy Burnette. “The city has deployed multiple planning efforts, including several opportunities for public input, to arrive at the product we’re breaking ground on today.”

“I’m proud to break ground on this project as it represents another step our community is taking toward further realizing its vision of having a vibrant, connected, and pedestrian-oriented downtown with a clear sense of place.”