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The City Never Sleeps! Discover All that Ever-Evolving Lawrenceville has in Store

In the latest exciting episode of the Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast, we sat down with Lawrenceville Mayor David Still and City Manager Chuck Warbington to learn about all the awesome new initiatives and constant developments the city has in store. The City of Lawrenceville has been working hard to refine and reimagine every aspect of the vibrant, historic hub. From unforgettable events and infrastructure expansions to uplifting community initiatives and improved walkability, this special episode details to many exciting changes you don’t want to miss out on – and just in time to enjoy this summer!

These expansions and improvements are carefully curated to make Downtown Lawrenceville fully walkable and make all locals and visitors feel safe, welcome and a valued part of the community while still preserving the city’s rich historical charm. From major developments at the new Lawrenceville Arts Center and beautiful upcoming art installations to expanding housing developments and improved public safety initiatives, there is so much to discover and enjoy!

Listen to this new episode now to get the scoop and enjoy the fascinating conversation with Mayor Still and City Manager Warbington. Plus, don’t forget to check out Downtown Lawrenceville’s action-packed event calendar! With interesting new improvements every time you visit and so much fun to participate in all year long, we’re sure that you and your family will have a blast next time you head to Downtown Lawrenceville.