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The Digital Learning Experience

During the dawn of our new semester at Collins Hill, many students were caught off guard by the sudden appearance of cold weather in our area. Despite the shutdown of many local schools, Collins Hill amongst many other schools initiated the Digital Learning Program. Doing this prevented the need to extend school days and allow for a vast number of students to maintain their focus regarding education. Despite this new system being vastly different to what my peers and I are used to, it proved to be an interesting experience nonetheless.

Upon the start of my Digital Learning Day experience, I casually gained a head start on my assignments, so I could enjoy the rest of the day. Initially, I believed these assignments would be a cakewalk filled with cookie-cutter tasks. However, to my surprise, I found that these were genuine assignments, no different from the ones at school. Amidst a few breaks, I found myself working over an hour for each assignment, as the majority provided me with a challenge to get through. Nevertheless, I managed to complete all without delay with a rather subtle sense of accomplishment.

Furthermore, due to my prior knowledge of Digital Learning, it was not too out of the norm from what was previously established. Regardless, it was more than apparent that the staff at Collins Hill truly wanted to push the students to get the most out of there. Originally, I found the work to be taxing and overall insignificant, but upon my return to school, I found most of my teachers picking up from those assignments and expanding upon them. I realized that my work was not a tedious afterthought; it was a means of expanding upon the provided knowledge.

Overall, despite a few personal qualms I generally feel those who are willing to put forth the most effort will gain the most out of this opportunity.