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Playaz: Hairway to Heaven

In Gwinnett, there are a vast number of up and coming businesses that are growing steadily. In some way or form, these businesses help define Gwinnett in allowing others to see the hard work and dedication put into specific professions. Playaz Barbershop is no exception as the shop specializes in taking pride in appearance while also being mindful towards the community.

Though the shop’s initial debut began in April of 2016, in less than two years it has grown significantly. With small details and improvements made in the shop showing a sense of pride in appearance, further exemplified by the workers present and the commitment they have that comes in their line of work. Many times when I walked inside, I witnessed how both the barbers and customers alike interacted with one another, with many friendly and cordial interactions. This displayed the bonds made with barbers who gained a sense of both satisfaction and accomplishment when achieving their job.

My interest in the shop found me interviewing the owner and founder of Playaz, Bernard Strong. During the interview I asked what inspired him to become a barber, his answer was the story of him receiving a less than stellar haircut by his mother during his youth, and through years and years of practice and dedication allowed for Bernard to attain a higher status resulting in him owning his own shop with all the prior knowledge intact. I pressed forward with the interview and asked, “What was the best part of his job?” His answer was simple yet effective by merely saying “making others look good and feel good.”

In the end, I found myself appreciating Playaz as a whole, with many workers relentlessly striving for perfection, and going further beyond that, which is a lesson that should be advised by many and practiced by all.